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We are a team of strategic thinkers, design fanatics, and technology enthusiasts.

We constantly challenge our limits to create seamless retail experiences between the analog and digital world. We envision e-Commerce platforms as digital flagship stores. We work to enhance conversions, but always keep the brand in sight. We hold memorable shooting sessions.

Omnichannel solutions

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When we talk about "online shopping" we don't only refer to websites.

We combine eCommerce and new technologies to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Thanks to the integration between the store, warehouse, and RFID technology, we offer smooth shopping experiences from every single touchpoint of the customer journey.

Worldwide development

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We work side by side with our customers.

Analyse their business, understand their challenges, and help them get a vision and global success in an ever-changing world.

Digital Transformation

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We apply the same aesthetic and functional standards to the B2B market as we do to retail.

The showroom is virtual, and the buyers' shopping experience is smooth and tailored as far as speed, the accuracy of product pictures, and maximum customization in the choice of supplies are concerned.

B2B Platform

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This tool enables our customers to transform their eCommerce sites into .

intuitive and efficient platforms dedicated to wholesale customers. Simply by logging in, they can access a version of the site that allows them to view the warehouse in detail. Restocking has never been so easy!

Virtual Showroom

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This virtual space can be used to show new collections and take pre-orders.

eCommerce platforms will become exhibition spaces where customers can select the samples to buy and send to production. Just by using personal credentials, it will be possible to access this new tool, which is perfect even for the most demanding buyers.

System integration

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Thanks to the collaboration with Surface, we have created Surface CX.

A hub that allows the integration of all ERP systems. This simplifies all integration processes and increases flexibility, speed, and availability of information. It's ideal to get highly efficient management. These tools make it possible to use all the material on the site, from description texts to pictures, not only for the sale to end customers, but also to strategically digitize all the previous steps. That's a great advantage in terms of image, consistency, efficiency, and ease of use.

Data and business intelligence

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We imagine eCommerce tools as the beating heart of a brand.

We analyse data to develop the best promotion strategies, activate precisely targeted offers, and improve the sales process for both retail and wholesale.

Location / Contacts

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FFW srl Via Mannelli 121A 50132 FirenzeTel. +39 055588302P.I. 02196080978